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Hi, Nicky here!

Nicky is a multi-talented individual with a deep passion for the mountains. As an adventurer, storyteller, photo and videographer, and hiking guide, Nicky possesses a unique skill set that makes her an ideal collaborator for companies seeking to align themselves with the beauty and awe-inspiring nature of the mountains.


Nicky, a Dutch girl who hails from the flatlands, is on a mission to inspire others to venture beyond their comfort zones and explore the majestic mountains. With her genuine storytelling and openness, Nicky’s own adventures become a source of inspiration for others to embrace the life-changing potential of the great outdoors. Her infectious smile reflects the pure joy that accompanies immersing oneself in nature’s marvels.


With a passion for capturing the raw and genuine emotions found in the mountains, Nicky uses her camera lens to immortalize the beauty and awe-inspiring moments that unfold in nature’s grandeur. Through her skillful photography and videography, she transports viewers to the very heart of the mountains, allowing them to experience the pure magic and emotions that can only be found in such breathtaking landscapes. 


Did you know Nicky was a PE teacher for years? And now she decided to teach but about another subject: The mountains! Nicky shares her wealth of knowledge and passion for the mountains with a wide audience. Her posts and stories provide invaluable insights into various routes, safety tips, gear recommendations, and insider secrets, ensuring that her followers are well-equipped and informed for their own mountain expeditions.

Why I feel alive in the mountains

In the mountains, Nicky feels a deep connection with the Earth and a sense of being part of something greater than herself. The towering peaks, vast landscapes, and ever-changing weather patterns remind her of the grandeur and unpredictability of the natural world, filling her with a sense of awe and wonder.

Furthermore, the mountains provide Nicky with endless opportunities for exploration and personal growth. As a mountain guide, she has the privilege of sharing her knowledge and expertise with others, helping them navigate the challenges and rewards of mountain expeditions. This sense of purpose and the ability to empower others adds an extra layer of fulfillment to her experiences in the mountains.

The physical demands of mountaineering also play a role in Nicky’s connection to the mountains. The physical exertion required to ascend steep slopes, endure harsh weather conditions, and overcome personal limitations ignites a sense of vitality and resilience within her. The mountains push her to her limits, both physically and mentally, allowing her to discover new strengths and capabilities.

Ultimately, the mountains provide Nicky with a sense of clarity, perspective, and inner peace. Surrounded by the majesty of nature, she can disconnect from the noise and distractions of modern life and reconnect with her true self. The mountains offer her a space for reflection, introspection, and personal transformation, making her feel truly alive.

Statistics august 2023 @She.feels.alive.inthemountains

Accounts reached
Daily story views
Netherlands 75%
Age range
25-34 50%
Female 74%

Nicky’s account caters primarily to Dutch female individuals who have a keen interest in mountain hiking. The main group consists of relatively inexperienced hikers who have been to the mountains less than five times. They seek inspiration, guidance, and sometimes harbor a slight apprehension about venturing into the mountains alone due to either fear or a lack of companions. It’s worth noting that 75% of Nicky’s followers are female.

Do you want to get to know Nicky?

Nicky was accompanied by the Dutch outdoor platform ‘in de bergen’ for two days, during which they created a captivating mini documentary showcasing her life in the mountains. This docu is in Dutch. 

Brands I worked for before

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"We were fortunate to partner with Nicky on a recent campaign. Nicky's deep expertise in the outdoor adventure domain and her genuine passion for the mountains made her an absolutely perfect match for our brand. Her ability to authentically showcase our clothing line in mountainous settings was perfect. Nicky not only delivered content but also had meaningful engagement with her audience. Her genuine enthusiasm for our brand and her unwavering dedication to providing valuable insights and tips for outdoor enthusiasts helped us forge connections with a wider audience and fortify our brand presence.

We are a match if:

Your brand should align with Nicky’s niche of mountain hiking and outdoor adventure. You should offer products or services that cater to the needs and interests of outdoor enthusiasts.

Freedom is vital to me, which is why I choose to live in the mountains, haha! I don’t thrive under strict orders, so it’s important for us to agree on the desired “outcome” beforehand. For instance, we can establish that you will receive 1 reel, 10 stories, and 20 photos. Of course, you can provide guidelines, but allowing me the freedom to express my creativity is crucial.

Since 75% of Nicky’s followers are female, a brand that promotes female empowerment and inclusivity would resonate well. This could involve featuring female adventurers, sharing stories of women overcoming challenges in the outdoors, or promoting initiatives that empower women in outdoor activities.

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